Fashion Show

When: Saturday, Aug. 17
6:30 p.m. 
The fashion show is immediately after the Outstanding Member Awards Dinner.

PHA 2024 attendees can proudly flaunt or cleverly conceal the accoutrements of life with PH as part of the Saturday night fashion show. Participants transform oxygen cannulas, mobility devices and medication pumps into symbols of strength and hope.

The fashion show is a popular feature of PHA’s biannual International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions. Typically, about 20 people participate in the fashion show, a tradition that began at PHA 2002.




Fashion Show

How to Participate

You must have pulmonary hypertension to participate. Choose from four categories to style your outfit and show it off on the runway: formal wear, PHA pride (zebra print and periwinkle), sports and superheroes. The runway is wheelchair/scooter accessible.

Complete this form to indicate your interest. Include a short bio, description of your outfit and other details.

Questions? Email us call 240-485-0777.

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